Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Kitty themed birthday party - No cake, make me cupcakes mami!!

I always loved Hello Kitty as a little girl, but I never thought I would find myself making 40 individually unique Hello Kitty cupcakes in less than 2 hours!!! There were so adorable, it was hard to see them being devoured by 3 year olds.. Well at least they enjoyed them.

I made the Hello Kitty and friends heads in advanced with color flow. I did some boys and some girls so everybody will be happy. The cupcakes are covered with buttercream and some royal icing and color flow flowers. Some cupcakes have a weaving design and others just flower arrangements.

The pinata was very simple - just a rainbow with some Hello Kitty cutouts at the top.


Jenny said...

Hopping by - love all the tiny details on those yummy looking cupcakes!

Party Artist said...

Thanks Jenny!

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