Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's go swimming - Swimming pool cake

Let's go swimming.... swimming at the pool!!!

This cake was so much fun. I wanted to have a beach ball in mid air, so I stuck my little gum paste ball to an spaguetti and inserted it in the cake - The fun thing is that the spaguetti is flexible so it moves a little from side to side when wiggled, so it was like the kids were really playing.

What everybody ask on this cake is: How did you do the water? it looks like if it was so difficult but it was truly the easiest thing on the whole cake. I use a product from Wilton called piping gel see link

The piping gel is clear so I color it with a little blue (use gel colors not liquid colors) and mix it only a little as it is nice to have swirls of different blues and clear. I iced the bottom of the swimming pool in light blue buttercream, did the edges/sides of the pool with brown chocolate butercream and then filled the pool with the piping gel. That is it honestly!!

1 comment:

lilkimboogie said...

This cake is awesome! The attention to detail is incredible!

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