Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Teddy Bear and Tea Cup Cake - A How to


The Party is over - the cake has been demolished by the girls, so I call it a success! so here is the How to make a Teddy Bear and Tea Cup cake.

I started by making the Tea cup and the saucer  (click here for instructions). To make the bear I sort of cheated as I did it with a Wilton pan - but it was a first try so why not? In order for the pan to work we needed a firm cake so I searched online and came up with a variation that did work, and it came out quite moist and not bad for a box cake.

Cake recipe for Bear Pan:

2 boxes of Duncan Hines Devil Chocolate Cake mix
2 boxes of chocolate pudding
2 sticks of butter
2 cups of sour cream
1 cup of milk
8 eggs

I mixed everything on the kitchen assistant and voila - You will have enough batter for the bear and an extra cake - unfortunately if you only do 1 box it will not be enough batter for the bear.

I sprayed the pan with PAM baking to make sure the cake will not stick. It worked very well. Also, you will see that the cake will ooze from the pan while baking this was OK. The Wilton instructions say to bake for 50 minutes at 350F - My cake took about 90 minutes - so keep checking often.

Once the cake was done - I cooled it down following the Wilton instructions (

I decided to make my bear with a natural look, so I used 2 different tips (#4 for the lines and #233 for the fur) it is a lot of work - you have been warned. My girl wanted a polar bear so I did a white butter cream (see my post on how to make butter cream)

I started by doing the eyes and nose. With the tip #4 do an outline of the whites of the eyes and feel it in. Do the same for the cheeks and nose using whatever color you like. Then with black, do the outline of the eyes and nose.

Now you are ready for the fur. Start at the bottom of the bear and do short hairs with tip #233, make sure you pull sometimes to the left or the right to make it look more real. Follow the natural way that the fur will follow if it was a real teddy bear.

Once I was done I did not like the color of the nose - so I mixed a ligter pink and we a star tip #16 I piped over the dark pink on the ears and nose.

Finish it with details like flowers in the ears or hands if you like.

I also baked a little cake to do a table for the tea cup - this was fairly easy. I took a little fondant, colored it pick and rolled it to form a big circle. I made a table cloth out of it and put it straight on the cake. I decorated with little stars.

This was so fun. The kids really liked it.

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