Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to make your own candles out of old ones?

Make these:

Out of this:

Do not throw away your old candles - Make new ones again with them.  If you are like me and love candles, you will find yourself with finished candles that will still have lots candle wax but no wick in them (like the one above). Do not throw them out - Keep them in a box until you have a few and then remake them into a new candle.

I have been burning a lot of candles in the winter, so I had quite a few candles and decided to make some new ones this weekend. This is how:

Tools and things you need (all of this can be bought a craft stores):
  • New wicks (I like the stiff ones that are covered with wax already)
  • A candle melting pot (tall)
  • A wax sieve
  • Wax potty
  • Old wax and candle pots
  • Pencil


The first thing to do is to cut the wax in small pieces, if your candles are inside glass pots, put the glass pot briefly in a pan with boiling water. The wax on the edges will melt a little and you should be able to carefully remove the leftover wax out of the glass jar.

Put your wax pieces in the candle melting pot and place the pot in a pan with boiling water (double boiling). The wax will start to slowly melt (never put the wax pot straight on the flame as your wax will burn). Do not worry if the wax has pieces of wick or the little metal holder for the wick on it, as once melted you will pass it through the sieve and it will collect all stuff.

While the wax melts, prepare your container. I normally reuse the same containers where the candles came in on the first place. These are normally glass and heat resistant. You can use other containers, but make sure they are strong and not flammable.

I first clean my container from any left over wax. To clean it I place it for a short 30 seconds on the microwave (make sure your glass container does not have anything metallic). I remove it carefully as it may be hot and pour out any melted wax that could be there. Let it cool and then wash with warm soapy water and a sponge. This will remove any wax as well as black smoke marks if any. Dry the container thoroughly.


Take your new wick (with metal disc attached) and place a little wax potty at the bottom of the disc. Put in place in the middle of the container. Straighten the wick and curly around a pencil, rest the pencil on top of the container to make sure the wick is centered on the container. Now you are ready top pour the wax.

Once your wax is melted, put the sieve on top of the container and slowly pour the hot wax in.  Put the container in a place where it will not be moved until the wax cools down. And voila! you have a new candle.

Keep a little wax, sometimes as the candles cool off, they will sink in the midddle. Do not be scared! just melt the wax you saved and fill that well!


Janett-Cocinando/MisManualidades said...

super!!! excelente para ahorrar y contribuir al ambiente! saludos!

Sazón Boricua said...

Carelys, que buena idea me has dado!! wow, muchas veces he tenido que botar las velas a mas de la mitad... porque no me sirve la mecha..

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