Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Poop!!!!

I never thought I was ever going to get so excited about getting Free Poop!!!! Horse poop that is!!!

As you know I have just started my vegetable gardening for the year, so I had soil preparation in mind. I was driving past an equestrian center nearby and decided to go in and ask the weird question: "Excuse me please, what do you do with your poop?"

I thought they were going to look at me with a "this woman is a martian look" in their faces. But nope! I am officially not the only woman in this world looking for free excrement. (Nice to know).

I, off course offered to buy a few bags of the horse droppings as it was my grand mother's preferred manure of all! But they surprised me once more. Not only they had free poop for me but they had variety - YES!!! you can choose what you want. Their offerings are:
  1. Fresh week old poop - Nice and steamy and wet... Yikes
  2. 6 Month old poop - kept outside so it will retained moisture and still semi wet with all the snow on top - still too smelly for my liking
  3. 12 Month old poop - kept inside and dry as a bone - cool hay like texture - no smell (a bonus)
  4. Composted poop - This was the winner!!! A nice composted soil which they turn and combine with all their grass clipping, extra hay and off course horse poop!
I will do my soil preparation in a couple of weeks and will be sure to go there with a few big plastic tubs to get the composted one.

I was also told that some towns also offer free compost and mulch , which they make from their spring and fall leaves and brush collections.

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