Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to plant spinach from seed?

Spinach is another cold crop – it can be grown from seed and transplanted outside before the last spring frost. I love spinach raw in salads and in cream of spinach soup. My kids love it too, so it needs to go in my garden.

I am planting my spinach from seeds next to my arugula and lettuces in a semi shaded area of the garden as I am hoping to be able to grow it until the beginning of summer. Spinach will quickly turn to seed and get hard and stringy if they get too hot, so a shaded area is ideal (I will let at least one plant go to seed so I can collect the seeds for next year)

I planted then at a rate of 4 per square feet. Make 4 holes (2 rows of 2) on your square and put 2 seeds in each hole and cover lightly – thin to 1 strong plant if both seeds sprout after they develop the second set of leaves. I am being risky this year and I am only putting 1 seed per hole – let's see how it goes.

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