Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Perennial Herb Garden

I am starting a perennial herb garden this year. I am so excited about it. I had a big area at the front of my house that was covered with a horrible ground cover. Half of it is under a magnolia tree so it is shady and not many things will grow on it, but there is an area that is sunny and that is where I plan to put my perennial herbs.

So far, I would like to have 2 variety of chives (regular and garlic chives), oregano and 2 varieties of thyme (regular and lemon). I wish I could put Rosemary but it is not hardy in my area, so I am growing my Rosemary in a pot so I can overwinter indoors.

I planted a set of chives last year and they did come back beautiful this year (it already has little flower buds! I can’t wait to see the beautiful pink blooms – which you can eat and look so elegant in salads)

I just planted a regular oregano and a lemon thyme from a pot – hopefully they will take. I am growing the rest from seeds so I will have to wait a little longer to get them out.

I will also have a section of annual herbs in my garden beds and in pots around my patio, but there is nothing better than perennial plants as you can plant them once and enjoy them for years to come!

I am on the look for a nice sign that says "My Herb Garden" or simply "Herbs" - if you know where to find a cool artistic one - please let me know.

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