Friday, April 22, 2011

Who said you cannot have homegrown green peppers in the Spring? My indoor peppers and other plants who survived the winter

My husband and I really like green peppers, we like to put them in salads, pizza, sauteed with garlic and olive oil and many other ways. They are also quite expensive when out of season, so last year before it got too cold I did a little experiment. I took one of my pepper plants from the ground, I planted it in a pot and brought it inside to see if it survived the winter.

I put it very close to a massive window and relatively close to a heater vent. I watered it regularly and waited.

Not only my lovely pepper plant survived the winter, but it surprised me in early February with some flowers. The flowers turned into peppers!!! They have been growing very slow, but as you can see, I know have 7 yummy green peppers that are half way ready. I am so excited, I am so doing this again next year and I may even bring a tomato plant too!

I also over wintered some basil and a parsley– they did nicely too and provided me with delicious fresh herbs for my pasta sauces throughout the long winter. I just made a delicious Pesto with some of the Basil. Do you want the recipe? I thought so: Click here for it!

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