Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gardening 101: How to plant lettuce from seeds?

The first seeds I planted this season were lettuce seeds. My goal is to plant a few squares during the season every 2 - 3 weeks, that way I will have a continuous supply of lettuces from mid spring until the fall (we will need a break during the hottest summer weeks but if you plant on the shade you should be good to have lettuce during the whole gardening season)

So here is what you do. Get your square and be ready to plant 4 lettuces per square in 2 rows of 2.
Open the 4 small holes in the ground and place 2 lettuce seeds in each hole. Cover with a little soil and water. Wait about 10 days and watch the little sprouts come up. Thin to 1 sprout if both lettuce seeds come up when they have the second set of leaves. Leave the strong one in! if the second one is also strong, you can remove it carefully and replant it somewhere else.

There will be 24 lettuces in these small 2' by 3' space

Water if needed daily (if it rains you are OK not to water).

I am also covering the small seedlings with inverted soda bottles on really cold days to protect them from frost. Lettuce is frost resistant but I wanted to be sure. Remember to remove the bottles during the day.

I also planted 4 small lettuce plants I bought at the garden center. I wanted to have some lettuce ready as early as possible!!

Enjoy your lettuces in lots of salads!

I will be posting photos of progress, so check back soon!

This is what the lettuces look at different times

2 weeks
4 weeks

4 weeks

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