Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gardening 101: How to plant peas from seeds indoor and outdoor?

This is my second year attempting to grow peas in my garden. Last year was a disaster, first I planted them too late (Peas are a cold crop) and second, I did not protected them from the rabbits and they were munched cutely by the little critters.

So this year I am trying to avoid the same issues. I planted some seeds indoors back in March, and planted the seedlings and some seeds outdoors at the beginning of April (4 weeks before the last spring frost date. Peas are frost resistant.

I have also built a metal fence and a natural fence with garlic and spring onions to keep the rabbits away (how? click here to check the post)

To plant peas from seeds, you first need to soak them for a few hours. The peas seeds are quite wrinkly, when you soak them they plump up and you know the are ready.

Growing the peas seeds indoors, I put some soil and a couple of seeds on a compostable paper cup with holes at the bottom. I water them and put them on a table closed to a sunny window. The peas sprouted quite quickly (5 t 7 days). I planted them about 7 weeks before the last frost date for spring.

At 4 weeks before the last frost date for spring, they were ready to go outside. I only had 3 seedlings, so I planted them all inside one square. I also planted one seed outdoor in the same square, so hopefully I will end up with 4 plants in that square.

I also planted a few seeds around the legs of a garden trellis I had. I figure that by plating them at the edge of 2 squares I will still have space in the center of the squares to plant something else.

Peas are a vine and the like to climb. So you need to put a trellis or some kind of support around them. I built my own one for the seedlings (how? click here to check the post), and I am using and old trellis for the ones I planted as a square border.

I like fresh peas, you can eat them straight from the vine. You can eat the whole pod when they are young, or you can wait until the pod has swollen with the little peas inside and then shell them. When growing up, we used to call the petit pois. So yumm!

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