Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Additions: Cats, Frogs and Koi Fish

It has been a great week in our household. We have some new additions to the family!!!! A kitten, a frog and 7 Koi Fish.

First came the fish. We went to a Water Garden Weekend fair and got 2 great Koi for free. My daughter was in love with them so we bought 5 more and named them all: Spotty, Whitey, Blacky, Dot, Sunshine, Metagross and Orange.

Then came the frog: Charlie the frog. He decided to appear in our pond and has stayed there. We think we saw another one the first day we saw Charlie, but has not seen it again.

And finally, our most precious Moo - (Yes! the kids named our new Kitten Moo). I am calling him Mooshy Moo!! He is a rescued Kitten - only 7 weeks old and so cute!

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