Friday, May 13, 2011

How to start your own backyard flower diary!


Starting this spring I decided to keep track of all the flowers in my garden. I have been in this house for about 2.5 years now and I was quite lucky that it had a fantastic garden when we moved in. The thing is, we moved here in January so the whole garden was blanketed in snow, so our first Spring was sort of magic. I did not know what to expect and all the beautiful trees and flowers started to wake up.

Since them I have added a few plants of my own to the mix, particularly Spring bulbs (we had none!) but I never took the time to really study and learn what I had in the yard. This is our third spring here and I thought it could be fun to finally learn the names of some of the flowers and keep a photo diary of everything that flowers in my own back yard.

You can see the pictures in my garden pics page. I have learnt so much, if you like gardening, this is such an easy project to do. Everyday, take your camera and walk around your garden, paying attention to any changes and hunting for any new flowers!

When you find them, take a picture of the plant in bloom and then a close up. 


Azalea close up

Put your pictures in your favorite photo album.

Then you need to do the cataloguing. If you know the name of the plant/flower you are done, but if not, it  is quite fun to find out online. I have been quite successful finding some of the flowers, like my great ground cover Sweet Woodruff.

Sweet Woodruff

I did a google search of "Flowering ground cover white flowers photos" and voila - my plant appeared! so now I know that I have some Sweet Woodruf!

If you have kids, you will also realize that they love finding new flowers for you. It keeps them entertained and in touch with nature. Really a win-win hobby for the family!

I hope you like the pictures!

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