Monday, June 13, 2011

Flowers for Small Gardens: Testing a Tupsy Turvy Bag

Flowers after 2 weeks from planting

Flowers at planting time

If you follow my blog you will know that I have found these tupsy turvy bags on sale last week. I always wanted to try them and finally got to do it. For $3.99 with a $3 rebate I could not say not! I think they are the perfect solution for small spaces.  I am going to use this one to put some flowers. I am trying to go for a cascading effect!

I bought 2 types of flowers, but you can use more if you like - As you probably noticed by now, I am a fan of pink, purple and blue flowers so that is what I went for. Make sure you buy 1 plant that grows upright in an accent color (this is my blue) and some sort of cascading type of flowers at least 4 plants (these are my pink ones)

Now to assemble. Follow the instructions in the box to assemble the bag - it will take you no more than 5 minutes!

First put the bottom plant. Remove the little sponge from the bottom hole, put your plant and hold it in place with the sponge.

Now hang up the tupsy turvy bag from somewhere (low enough that you reach the top). Start filling up the bag with your potting mix, do it gently as you do not want to break the roots of your plant.

When the bag is almost full, plant your upright accent flower in the middle. Plant the rest of the cascading flowers around it.

Place your new flower arrangement - tupsy turvy bag in its final place, water carefully and voila! As the days go by it is supposed to fill up and look so much better.

You will need to remember to water daily, as the soil will dry out as it will do in any other container.

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