Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garden Update: All vegetables are in - Now we wait!!!

Right side beds

Left side beds

I think I have finally finished planting all the vegetables I wanted for this season. I have also finished  mulching too. Hurray!!!! Now I just need to keep watering, and weeding and the best of all: HARVESTING!!!!!

I just wanted to give you a quick update in case you were wondering how the garden beds are doing.

On the right side vegetables beds we have:

 The zucchinis are growing, I have already attached the first set of leaves to the pole as I am trying to grow them vertically and hopefully save some space

 The tomatoes are big, I have attached at least 3 sets of stems to the net. I can see some small flower buds on the cherry variety already. I have been removing the suckers (little branches that grow in between the main stem and the leaves - they take energy away from the fruit so they need to be removed frequently)

Tomato sucker

 The cucumbers are still small and have not reached the net yet - but not long to go!

Sweet Potatoes
The experiment sweet potatoes are doing good - I think I am going to need to build them a support - they seem to like to climb

 These are the corn I started inside. I planted a few more outside but they did not take. I will try again - NEVER give up!!!

Some Herbs
 I have planted Oregano, thyme and basil all over the place. Yummy!

On the left side vegetable beds we have:

 The potatoes are awesome. I have added 3 tires each and I will not be adding anymore. The front one has a big tire at the top (I should have start with that at the bottom) but I only thought they will grow big enough for 2 tires. However it looks like I could even put tire # 4 (but I ran out of tires)

Broccoli and more Zucchini
I have already harvested ton of broccoli, including the first 4 big heads and quite a lot of sides shoots. The next 4 plants are still small.

I also have here 2 zucchinis that are doing well and a whole bunch of green onions and garlic. The garlic is getting ready to harvest! I can't wait.

Red Onions and Beets
The red onions are doing good, although I think I planted a few too deep as I do not see the bulb yet. I have been eating the beets leaves in my salads for a while now, but no root yet. I am in no hurry as I really do not like beets much, I like the leaves though.
Strawberries and Beets
The strawberries only gave me like 1 or 2 fruit in June, which I left to the birds. It was expected as I did transplant them this year. Next season they will be good to me - I just know it!

The peas are so gorgeous, I have taken a handful of pods twice. They are so sweet and tender, I quickly steamed them and ate them with butter.

Onions, Peppers and Eggplants
I have here some yellow onions that are doing good, some peppers and some eggplant that are still small and a wild tomato plant that sprouted all by herself in the middle there. I have not had the heart to take it out. I will move it eventually.

More Tomatoes
These are different tomatoes, not as big yet.
Green: Lettuce, Arugula, Spinach, Cabbage
And finally the greens, which has been supplying me with fresh salad everyday for at least a month now.  LOVE IT!!!!

So there you have, a quick update of my little vegetable beds. Not bad for such a small space. How is your garden doing?


Shirley Yissele. said...

Me encanta tu trabajo! pronto tendre espacio, seguire tus pasos y tus recomendaciones porque me encantan las plantas!

Mommy Is Green said...

I'm so jealous you have an organic garden! It's something I'd like to do too. Right now I don't have a big enough yard. Hopefully in the future! :)

Party Artist said...

@Mommy is Green - Don't be jealous! it is truly quite easy and you just need a litte space, you can start with only4 or 6 square feet - that will give you enough space for the following plants: 1 tomato, 1 pepper, 1 cucumber, a few lettuces and onions - There is your salad for the summer! If you follow my 101 series you will see how easy it is. Happy to answer any questions!!

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