Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When nature happens at your doorsteps…

Watching nature doing its thing is always fun, but when it happens right in front of your eyes, and literally on your doorsteps is just plain fascinating!!!

I have been lucky to experience 2 amazing sights during the last week. Last Wednesday I found a weird looking bug on my pond, I took it out and put it in a cup and found out via the internet that it was a damselfly larvae (a type of dragonfly). The next day I went back out to put it back in the pond so it could hatch, and then realized that it was hatching right there and then. My daughter and I watched for about 30 minutes while the little thing came out of the old shell. Its long body and wings were small and shriveled, and with a few funny up and down movements, the tail started to grow and the wings unfolded (almost like if someone was inflating a very small balloon). Then it took a rest and finally flew away! Wow… I do regret not taking any photos.

So when on Sunday we observed this architectural masterpiece I was trigger ready! My husband and I were in our garage on Sunday and we noticed the nest. I got a ladder to peek on it and it was empty. I remember mentioning how perfectly round it was. It was perfection.

On Tuesday, when I returned from work, my daughter and I noticed a Robin laying on top of it. As soon as we came out of the car, it flew away. I took the ladder again and found 2 beautiful blue eggs! We are so happy.

On Wednesday morning we caught the mami bird on camera – Smile!

I will be following the birdies and their development. I hope you enjoy their story!

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