Friday, June 10, 2011

Do not have space for a garden? think again. Testing a tupsy turvy tomato planter

There are lots of ways to grow vegetables in small spaces, but this is one way I have never tried and have been wanting t for a couple of years now. So when I saw the tupsy turvy tomato bag on sale yesterday for $15 - I had to buy it. My husband thinks it is a bit tacky, but once he starts  eating the tomatoes he will forget all about it!

I also bought a couple of single tupsy turvy bags for $3.99 and a $3 rebate - so for only $0.99 I have a tomato and a flower bag to try too. So let's see if they are really as good as the TV ad says!

So going back to the self standing tupsy turvy bag. It is supposed to hold 3 vegetable plants and 3 herbs - so I decided to make a salad garden in one bag. I am planting 2 different types of tomatoes, 1 zucchini, 2 different basil and a parsley. I am curious about 2 plants, the zucchini and the parsley. Zucchinis are heavy big plants so I wonder if it will be supported (box says it does) and Parsley sort of grow from the middle and the middle is hidden, so let's see how it goes.

First read the instructions and build the structure. It was relatively simple. It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble.

Choose your plants and insert the big ones (tomato, zucchini or cucumber) on each one of the holes.

Secure the plant in place with the foam circle it comes in the kit.

Remember if you are planting tomatoes, to put a lot of the stem inside the bag. Roots will grow on it and make it a stronger plant.

Start putting soil on the tupsy turvy bag. Do this carefully, one scoop at a time so you do not break the plants roots. When the soil gets to the bottom of the herbs holes, put the herbs roots through the holes as you did with the big plants and continue to fill the bag.

Close the tupsy turvy bag and water gently.

I will keep you updated on this test to see if the tupsy turvy bags are all they say, because if they do, you will be able to grow a whole bunch on vegetables in one bag - ideal for small places.

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