Monday, June 6, 2011

Venezuelan Melon Smoothie: Batido de Melon

I was not much of a fruit fan as a kid. I would only eat bananas, oranges and strawberries. Then my mum started to give me "batidos" and I would drink them all!! not knowing what they had inside!! Now a batido is a fruit milkshake or a smoothie, you can make them with almost any fruit (being careful with the citric ones so they do not curd the milk).

Melon batidos were my favorite - even though I did not know it was melon until a while later. I also loved Banana batidos - and now I do make them for my kids quite frequently, particularly when the bananas start to get slightly brown (they will not eat it as a fruit if it even has a small brown spot, but as a a batido they lick their cups!!)

Here is the recipe of my favorite one: Batido de Melon


  • Cantaloupe Melon (a good wedge per glass of batido)
  • Milk
  • Powdered milk (you can find at supermarkets - if you do not add it - it will work too but will not be as creamy)
  • Ice (optional - I used a cold melon and milk and skip the ice so I get cold without the watery taste)
  • Sugar or Agave Syrup (optional - I do not put any sweeteners on it but I know people like it)

Cut the melon and remove the seeds and skin. Add ice to blender - (optional - it will water your drink a bit but it will also make it colder). Diced the melon and put inside the blender.

Add milk to cover halfd the melon or a bit less than 1/2 glass per glass of batido needed. Put about 1 spoonful of powdered milk per glass of batido. (Add sugar or Agave syrup to taste)

Blend - serve and enjoy your batido de Melon


Cristina said...

Que delicia! A mi me gusta el melon pero mas en bebidas, asi como esta. Me has hecho dar muchas ganas de salir corriendo a comprar melon!! Gracias por la receta :)
Saludos desde California.

Sazón Boricua said...

Muy refrescante!! me encantan prepararlo en casa cuando hace mucha calor :)

Party Artist said...

@Sazon Boricua, cuando hace calor le pongo hielito y queda como un helado! pero hay que tomarselo rapidito para que no se ponga aguado

Sunshine said...

That looks so refreshing!

Pinita Mc said...

Hola! también soy caraqueña!!, que delicioso es el batido de Melón, y ese se ve divino!, oyeeee deberías pensar en hacer el blog en Ingles y Español :( un beso grande

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