Monday, July 18, 2011

On turning 40...

Today I woke up a year older and realized I had a wonderful life so far:
  • 40 years
  • 27 countries visited
  • 20 different addresses I lived in
  • 13 cousins to play with growing up
  • 8 uncles and aunties
  • 7 different schools and colleges that I attended too
  • 6 cats
  • 4 countries I lived in
  • 3 lost loves (you know who you are)
  • 2 beautiful children
  • 1 loving mother
  • 1 unique popo husband
  • 0 regrets
and tons of really good friends!


Maybelline ~ Naturalmente Mamá said...

I like to say that we don't get older with time.. we get wiser! Happy Birthday! =)

Mirna said...

Happy Birthday!!

S. Yissele Gallo said...

I like it! Happy BirthDay!


Cristina said...

Happy birthday, Carelys! Very nice post :)

Helena said...

Y una prima re-encontrada jajaja esa palabra existe? Que los proximos años sean igual o mas maravillosos. Miles de cariños! Te queremos

Reina - Mamá en Casa said...

Feliz cumple !!! me gusto tu resumen, mi mejores deseos para vos amiga, saludos !

Party Artist said...

Gracias a todas!

Comiendo en LA said...

Me encanto! Que hayas tenido un día muy feliz y que sean muchos mas!

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