Thursday, July 14, 2011

Robin's nest: Day 17 or Day 3 since Birds' Birth - From Pink to Black

I know it has been 17 days so I should be over my amazement! But no, I am still in awe. In only 24 hours this little babies change so much. Today they are black, yes black.... They were born pink, on day 2 they had a black vein and today they are black!!! They are also much bigger - you can see their full heads now. Mami Robin is such a good mama. Every time I go to take pictures she goes at me -  she chirps and chirps... telling me "you better stay away from my babies". I talk slowly and gently back to her to let her know her babies are safe with me but that I need just a photo to show the world just how beautiful they are! I hope she understands me.

From PINK:

to almost BLACK in 3 days!


Shirley Yissele. said...

Estan negritos pero muy lindos! y tienen una forma media rara! pero despues cambiaran, me encantan todos los animalitos! Gracias por compartir Carelys!


Reina - Mamá en Casa said...

Que hermosa la naturaleza, cada dia con muchos milagros de vida, me encanta como nos vas contando de esta maravillosa vivencia con los pajaritos, muchas gracias amiga

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