Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Bobby Flay, please do not mess up with Arepas!

What was Bobby Flay thinking?

He should know better than mess with a classic: the traditional Arepas recipe! Do not get me wrong, I LOVE Bobby Flay, I do! But he added milk to the dough and cooked some lobster and octopus and put it on the top vs. inside the Arepas.

Well done to the girls at Caracas Arepas Bar. Two of my good friends took me there on one of my NYC trips, so yummy, I felt so homesick!

Check the video:

And here is my recipe in case you are hungry now! Arepas con Perico


Adriana (ClayCatShop) said...

I saw this on TV and felt the same! I too love Bobby Flay, but our arepas are best left as they traditionally are!!! LOL! Great post! :)

Janett-Cocinando/MisManualidades said...

por eso es que siempre pierde!!!!!!!!! jajajaa no mentira!

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