Friday, August 19, 2011

Let your kids watch TV: In Spanish that is!

Another tool that we have to  help our kids get some more Spanish in their brains is TV. I have unfortunately had 2 big barriers stopping me from letting the kids watch more TV in Spanish. The first one has a name: My husband!!! and the second one is the poor child friendly content/timing that we used to get here in the US.

My husband is a big believer that TV is NO GOOD!! (hmmm but he watches countless hours of comedy series everyday....) so let me rephrase: TV is NO GOOD for KIDS! so I had to work with the 30 minutes a day allowance my kids had after they turned 2 years old (no TV before that age at all!!). Again, by the time the kids were 2, they were already fluent in English, so the Spanish was left behind...

But when we were allowed to watch TV, I looked as much as I could on what was available. What a disappointment - either there were no children programs at the time we were up or if they were they were awful! badly dubbed or very very old... none of the nice series my kids enjoyed in the English language TV.

So my case was lost... but not for you. If you have a kid in pre-school age today, you have a great learning tool in the relatively new cable network Vme. (by the way - I am not receiving compensation for this post - my good comments on Vme have not been requested by then and are truly mine as a satisfied viewer!)

Vme is in partnership with PBS so you get all the cool and in fashion shows like Thomas the Tank, Caillou, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the builder and you name it... These are programs that the kids DO want to watch (and secretly I like them too! I still love cartoons). Now the best of all is that they are on every morning at decent times (no need to get up at 5am to catch them).

If you are curious, go to their website and find out which channel do they have on your region and enjoy at last good children's TV in Spanish.

BTW, their adult programming is awesome too.

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Comiendo en LA said...

Muchos padres critican la televisión, pero la verdad los shows para ninos de hoy en día son bastante educativos y es la fuente de muchas palabras que ellos empiezan a decir.

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