Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Honor System still works!!! Yeahh!


During my recent vacation to Door County I was so happy to see that the honor system is still used and is working in the US. We found a small fresh produce farm stall in the road, we pulled over as I was looking for some "just harvested" corn for our dinner and I was so amazed with what I saw.

There was nobody manning the shop, just a small box with a sign to instruct people to leave the money there. Next to the box there was a small dish with about $8 in change, so people could actually take their change!

They had all sort of vegetables in season, clearly marked with their prices! Three big fridges with more delicate produce. It even have fresh cut flowers!

I was so happy! I got my corn and a few more things, I put the money in the box, got my change and left happy that we are still able to trust people in this world!


Leila said...

Amazing! Glad there is still some trust left in this world!

I am a new follower!

Anita said...

that is amazing!

by the way... have you seen this?

I need your info, so they can send you the gift card. Please e mail me your name and address to >

Party Artist said...

Yeah! Thank you Anita! So excited! Need to go shopping!

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