Thursday, September 1, 2011

One GOOD reason to watch Seven days in Utopia this weekend.

Seven days in Utopia not only it promises to be a good inspirational movie, full of wisdom, encouragement and a positive view on life (not only on golf), but I have just learned that the film's lead character, Johnny Crawford, was actually inspired by my very good friends' dad, Johnny Arreaga.  Johnny Arreaga was the father of my friends Liz and Becky, two of the most wonderful, creative and entrepreneurial women I know!.

The film is based on a book by sports psychologist David Cook, a long time friend of the Arriagas and student of Mr. Arreaga, who was a teaching pro at a golf course in Waco, where the author grew up. David dedicated the book and the movie to Liz and Becky's dad - how cool is that?

I will leave you with the movie trailer and some photos of the Arreaga sisters and their mom with Robert Duvall and David Cook.

So this weekend, go and enjoy the movie and let everybody there know that you know a friend who knows the daughters of the man that inspired the film!! Not really, joking apart - I think you will enjoy this movie!

Liz and Becky with David Cook

With Robert Duvall

Liz, Becky and Mrs. Arreaga

BTW - I am in love with the See It, Feel It, Trust It!!! it is so so true in everything you do. Picaso!

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Teresa Garza said...

Número uno que pequeño es el mundo definitivamente y saber que una película se basa en el libro de un conocido es especial. Buscaré la película. Me imagino que deben de rentarla. Vi el trailer y me gusto.. El cine es fascinante desde el punto de vista que lo veas.

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