Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chicken and Vegetables Stir Fry

I am such a fan of Asian food, I am, I love it, I do!!! so if you see my pantry, you may be all confused: Where is she from? Japan? Thailand? China? Latinoamerica? I have the weirdest stuff there, truly. Anyhow, my mother in law is visiting and today I made a very simple stir fry that she loved!!!

So here is how to do a quick stir fry with chicken and whatever vegetable you have on hand... plus a few weird ingredients too, just for fun!


  • 2 chicken breast - no skin and no bones
  • Vegetables: whatever you like and have on hand - here is what I used today:
    • Cabbage - 1 cup shredded
    • Zucchini - 2 cups julienne
    • You can also add carrots, broccoli, peppers
  • Bean Sprouts - 2 cups
  • Garlic - 2 cloves crushed
  • Sauce: you can vary this depending on your mood! you can use teriyaki, hoisin, or just the one I did today:
    • 3 tbsp of light soy sauce
    • 1 tbsp of rice vinegar
    • 1 tbsp sesame oil
    • 1 tbsp of ground ginger
    • 2 tbsp of store bought hoisin sauce (yes I cheated sorry!)
    • 2 tbsp of La Choy garlic and ginger sauce
  • Canola oil for frying
  • Noodles - Udon works great, but you can use whatever noodles you like

The first thing to do is to prep all ingredients - julienne the vegetables, clean the sprouts by putting them in water with white vinegar, chop the chicken in bit size pieces, boil the noodles in a pot until they are al dente, etc.

Make the sauce: put all the sauce ingredients in a bowl and mix until fully combined.

Heat 1 tbsp of canola oil in a wok. Stir fry your chicken first until is nice and golden. Remove from the wok.

Add 1 tbsp of canola oil to the wok and add your vegetables, one at a time, I first put the zucchinis, stir for about 1 minute,

then add the cabbage and keep stirring for another minute,

add the drained noodles, stir some more!

Add the bean sprouts, and stir for another minute or so.

Add the chicken, and guess what? stir!

Finally add the sauce, give it a little stir and you are done!


Sazón Boricua said...

A mi también me gusta la comida oriental! besos amiga!

S. Yissele Gallo said...

Se ve excelente esta receta, Chinese Food with chicken Yumm... me encanta como nos la enseñas paso a paso, es lo maximo!


ELY said...

Delicioso, me encanta la comida oriental, bien sencillo de preparar.

Yoly said...

Love stir-fry! It's so easy and yummy.

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