Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to plant Garlic in the Fall?

This is something I should have posted a few weeks ago, but somehow it got lost in this craziness of life that I live. However, I wanted you to know how to do it as if you live in warmer climates you may still be able to plant the Garlic for next year.

There are 2 times in where you can plant garlic, Spring and Fall. However, I do find the Fall planting makes more sense as you can harvest the garlic, the following Summer (If you plant it in the Spring you have to wait until the second summer to harvested as garlic needs to get cold in the ground over winter to achieve its fantastic taste).

Planting Garlic is very simple, you should simply keep bulb from your late Summer harvest (or buy a bulb at your grocery store);

Separate the individual cloves (do not peel the cloves).

Find a small patch on where to plant it. Make holes in the ground about 1 to 2 inches deep, put the garlic clove in with the pointy part facing up, cover with earth, water and wait!

After about 2 weeks the garlic will sprout and you will see small garlic plants. Do not disturb them. As winter come the leaves will die out, and that is OK.

Come Spring they will come back again and the cycle will repeat itself. You will get nice Garlic Scapes in the late Spring and yummy Garlic in late Summer.


Ana Laura said...

Me encantaría intentarlo =D
ya te cuento si se me dan! jaja

ropcorn said...

Hi there. What I great post! I do not know much about how to plant anything which is why I really enjoyed to read this post. I also love the photos because they gave me a good visual description too. So thank you for sharing!

I also want to thank you for dropping by and following my blog. Much appreciated. I am now your newest follower. Have a continued lovely Sunday. :-)

Party Artist said...

Thanks ropcorn! As you can see the majority of my posts have a how to component, so hopefully they will be useful to you!

Ana Laura, let me know, it really is easy!

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