Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanks to Starsunflower Studio for my new Blog Hop Button!

Have you noticed my beautiful new Arts and Craft Weekend Blog Hop button? Well, I have Su from Starsunflower Studio to thank for it! Su joined one of my early Blog Hops. I went to her site to thank her and we started talking. One thing let to another and she very nicely offered to do a new button for me!

As you can see, I am a very creative person but digital art is something I have not been able to get a handle on, and it shows! look at the button I did,

and then look at the nice clean one Su did...

Su has just open a new shop and I would love for you to go visit her, she has amazing designs for your blogs or websites, hey she even has a few freebies in there! - Click here to be directed to Starsunflower Studio

And if you are nice and keep coming to my blog, Su and I will surprise you with a nice giveaway shortly!

Feel free to grab my new button and display it in your blog. I am looking forward to see your great crafts next weekend!

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