Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dukan Diet - Attack Phase: How did I do it?

After buying the Dukan Diet book and read it almost in its entirety in one weekend, I was ready to start this thing. I honestly could not wait one more day for the crazy new number on my scale to go up any further!

In theory the attack phase should not have been hard, I love meat and consider myself a carnivore. But it was not as easy as I thought it would be. There were definitely moments of "I cannot eat one more piece of meat or" and "if I see one more egg I will explode".

So you see, in the attack phase you are only allowed to eat lean proteins. In plain English, eggs, lean beef, chicken without skin, fish, lean pork, fat free dairy and tofu. Unlike Atkins, you are not allowed cheese, bacon, butter or any oils. The attack phase last 3 to 10 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose. I want to lose a lot so I did 10 days - very long days!

The first 3 days were great, I had eggs in any shape and form, and beef galore. I even went to a restaurant and asked for a steak to be served on my plate with nothing else but spices. The waiter looked at me weird but after explaining the diet he got it, then I ordered a nice tuna tartare! The weight came off pretty fast at about a pound a day - no kidding. The feeling is awesome and that is the idea of the diet - rapid weight lost to start with so you can stay motivated (works your mind and your body).

However, during the 4th or 5th day I felt so sick of eggs and meat, oh dear! I never thought it could be possible!. so I had to get creative. I went to an Asian supermarket and bought some Salmon and Salmon Roe. I also bought mussels (yumm yum), prawns and oysters! Wow, it was like spoiling myself with all that luxurious foods. It did hurt the wallet a little though.

The diet allows you to have 1.5 tbsp of Oat bran (almost like horse food - really!) which was welcome(imagine that!), as I could do a little pancake with it. This was very helpful during the weekends as I normally make pancakes for the kids, that way I was allowed to join in.

To be fair, after I passed that day 5, I was easy sailing to day 10 (I was craving vegetables though - I never though that could be possible!). I learned that I could be inventive and that Asian supermarkets are the best, they have a variety of soy products and fresh fish to keep you going.

Some tips to survive the Attack Phase:
  • Make your own ice cream (fat free evaporated milk and soy milk based)
  • Make sugar free Jello - great snack for when you are hungry in between meals
  • Use Egg Beaters - too many eggs can make your cholesterol go crazy!
  • Make pancakes and bread with your allowance of Oat Bran
  • Buy Shirataki noodles!!! they look, feel and taste like real pasta!!
At the end of the 10th day I was 8.5 pounds lighter and a lot more happier!


Natalie@pixielashes said...

I am just about to start this diet, thank you so much for your tips xxx

Comiendo en LA said...

La empezaré antes que sea tarde hehe.


Anonymous said...

I really loved the way you explained, because it is exactlly how I feel about chicken, beef, and egg.

I am still on diet and need to lose at least 10 more pounds, which is really hard, after losing 22 lbs

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