Monday, November 7, 2011

My Dukan Diet Journey: Tired of being fat!

I have been hesitant to write about this on the blog, maybe because I did not know if it was going to work or if I was going to be strong enough to follow through. But the fact is that I am tired of being fat, of not being able to buy clothes and enjoy the experience, of not having the energy to play soccer with my boy or do gymnastics with my girl, of not being able to wear a bikini…. Shall I keep going?

The fact is that I was always a thin person growing up, sometimes too thin, and I was thin by nature, I truly did not work for it. I ate a lot and did not exercise and was still thin and with a nice figure. Then a few things changed in my life that made me put on the pounds:

  • We moved to the US:
    • Huge portions of tasty food that are very bad for you!
    • We go by car everywhere – no need to walk to the train every morning.
  • I had 2 kids
Since then, I have not been able to get the scales to go down, they seem to always go up! In my head I am still thin somehow, which makes my losing weight very difficult indeed. I tend to conveniently forget my size while faced with a nice pizza, and very sadly remember it again in the changing rooms of department stores when buying new pants because my old ones did not fit anymore.

I have made a few feeble attempts to lose weight, losing a few pounds here and there and always putting them back on and some more!

This situation was obviously not helping my normally happy self. This summer I lost all my pants to crazy seemingly unrelated “broke pants” incidents. No kidding, I am now left with only 3 pairs of pants, and I for once said that I would not buy anymore until I could get into all the nice ones I still have that are just a size or two too small.

But it wasn’t until October this year in where I stepped on my scale and saw a number I have not seen before. I had officially moved up to the next “tenth”. I have never been this big in my life, not even when pregnant! So that was it. I needed to do something or I was going to lose myself and get to the point of no return in where nothing matters because you don’t care anymore. I do not want to fall into that roller coaster of misery. So I changed!

I stumbled upon an article about the Dukan Diet at my doctor’s office and decided to give it a go. This is my journey through the Diet. I do hope to have the strength to see it through the end!


Zulay said...

Hi Carelys I would like to encourage you o your journey to a healthy life. My first suggestion is to get incline to healthy living instead of a single diet, is ok that you do the diet but that should be the start of a change of the way you eat and the way you feed your family. So every time you go to the super marker every item that you pick as your self if a healthy person would buy that. Stick to fresh product, vegetables and grain. I really hope this help. :-)


that's great! keeping yourself healthy as easy as taking good choices and the good part is that when you get use to it, you start really enjoying to be healthy and look spectacular! good job!! I lost 12 pounds too and I feel very proud of me and now proud of you too!

Party Artist said...

Thanks ladies, you are both right - healthy eating. My idea is to get to my old self and continue to follow a healthy diet from then on!

Oriana from Mommyhood's Diary said...

Te entiendo perfectamente! Muchas felicidades poe esas 12 lb que como cuesta bajarlas y que facil es subirlas jajaja. El ejercicio es muy importante tambien. Yo perdi 70 libras hace 2 años solamente comiendo sano y haciendo ejercicio. Ahora que tuve a mi bebe subi bastante y estoy tratando de bajar.
Mucho animo!

Party Artist said...

Oriana, 70pounds! You are my hero!

Party Artist said...

Thanks all for your nice words! I feel so motivated to continue. I can't wait to wear skinny jeans again!

Cristina said...

He escuchado maravillas de esta dieta. Estare pendiente de tus progresos. Mucho animo!

Saludos desde California!

Turismo Online México said...

Interesante! Se lo refiero a mis conocidas porque si lo hago yo desaparezco! :) Saludos!

S. Yissele Gallo said...

Mucha Suerte Carelys! Yo también estoy con la dieta porque cada fin de semana la rompo jejeeee... pero ya perdi 15 lbs espero seguir bajando!


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