Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chicago O'Hare Urban Garden

Yesterday I got stuck at O'Hare airport due to weather issues! What is new? However, the free time gave me the opportunity to walk a little and stumble upon this amazing garden! I could not believe it, right there in the middle of the airport by the beginning of concourse G, there is a garden! And a pretty cool one! Think about it, it is winter in Chicago and here we have fresh hot season vegetables - awesome!

It looks like this is an initiative from the Chicago Department of Aviation. They are trying to be more eco friendly and also trying to reduce environmental impact and waste.

The garden is a series of vertical towers. Each one is only 30" in diameter and holds 44 plants! That is awesome! All together they have over 1,100 plants in a space no much larger than an average living room. They also used only 5% of the water than a regular organic garden of the same size would if it was planted directly on the ground. They recycle the water and nutrients, giving the plants a richer mineral, organic food, free of pesticides.

The plants will then be used in the menus of the local airport restaurants. A win-win from my point of view - we get fresh, organic vegetables that only have to be transported  a few yards!

I would love to have a couple of towers in my basement! I wonder how much they cost? It will be so cool to be able to grow food year round.

My thumbs up for Chicago O'Hare Airport - I think I forgive you know for the delays today!

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