Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you want the New Year to better than the last? Then you should do this on New Year's eve!

I am about to share the best Venezuelan and my family's secrets for a New Year full of wonderful things. Do you like more money? no problem! more travel?  Easy! What about Luck? that is fine too! So here you have it, a whole bunch of weird and fun Venezuelan traditions and rituals to be performed at New Year's eve to bring good wishes into your household. Now, you do not believe it? that is OK, I will do them anyway - you never know!!!

For General well being:

  • Just before midnight, arrange little bunches of 12 grapes for everyone in your party. When midnight comes, eat one grape with each of  the 12  bells of New Year.
  • Drink and toast with a glass of champagne

For Luck:

  • Wear yellow underwear on New Year's eve. You also have to wear them inside out!
For Money:
  • Eat Lentils as part of your New Year's eve Dinner. The more lentils the better. For recipe click here.
  • Wear a new dress and jewelry - real one, not fantasy.
  • Have money in your hands before midnight so when the New Year arrives you have plenty of money on you - get different currencies from different countries - it is all good and welcome!
For Travel:
  • Have your suitcases ready! and at midnight, after you do the grapes, take your suitcases and go out the front door with them!. Some people even walk about the block with the suitcases! 
My uncle and Auntie going out with suitcases on New Year's eve Circa. 1995

I love doing these things, they are fun and festive and remind me of home!  May the New Year bring you all the best, health and wealth of love, fun and all you desire!!

What traditions do you have?

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