Friday, December 16, 2011

Spanish Classes: Vacation is on!

This week was the last class of the term for the kids at Language Stars. I am so pleased with the kids progress this term. My son, despite his overt rejection to the language is speaking it more and more. It now comes more naturally to him and often speaks to me in Spanish umprompted! I love it! Like today at Costco, he answered everyone of my questions in Spanish - I could not believe my ears, it was so sweet that I made a point of thanking him for it. I think he liked that and it encouraged him to keep going. So there is another trick: celebrate and thank your children when they speak Spanish to you!

I am looking forward to the new year so they can start the lessons again. Its is funny, but sometimes you think your kids are not getting it, or not progressing or learning, and we forget that they are storing everything at the back of their little heads. Right there, ready to come out when you least expected.

I am also looking forward to explore Summer camp options now that the kids are old enough. I do believe that a few days of full immersion will do wonders for their language skills. As soon as I learn more I will let you know. You may be thinking that this is too early to check for summer camps - but they fill out so fast you really need to start looking early.

In the meantime, I know they will enjoy their time off, and I will try my hardest to speak even more Spanish with them. It is getting easier!!

Disclosure: I will receive discounted tuition from Language Stars as compensation for this post. However, all facts and opinions expressed in this post are true and my own. Language Stars have not asked me to write about anything in particular, only my true and honest opinion about my experience with their program.  This post have not been edited by a third person.


Jennifer Brunk said...

You are so right about kids storing up information and language and then using it when they are ready. I always thought my children were processing it and making connections and because they had less exposure to Spanish, it took a little longer.
It's so fun to read about kids choosing to speak Spanish!

Party Artist said...

Thanks Jennifer for your comment. It is so true. My son have been surprising me lately with his Spanish words - it truly is like music to my ears!

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