Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fitting into my old clothes is awesome!!! Thank you Dukan Diet!

For the last 8 years I have been collecting clothes in all different sizes, from 6 all the way to 16! Pretty much every year I will leave one size behind and move on up to the next size up. I would give away some of my clothes but kept collecting my favorite outfits with the promise that "one day I will fit them again". At some point in time, that phrase seemed like an impossibility. But I am glad I kept saying it as for the last couple of weeks that phrase could not be more true!

After losing 35 pounds, I feel like a million dollars! so last week I asked my husband to go in the basement and bring me the clothes. Wow! I was like a child in a candy store, I was shopping on my own basement and I was fitting 2 and even 3 sizes less from what I started from. I so truly feel like myself again.

I have been trying a "new" outfit to the office every day. I feel beautiful in my suits and not on the stretchy pants and t-shirts I was wearing because I refused to go to any size bigger. And do not worry, I only kept the classy stuff from the old days. I am not going out there with leg warmers and neon belts!! (I know you did wear them too!! LOL)

Now the old clothes are very visible in my bedroom and not on the basement because now I know that I WILL FIT THEM AGAIN!! very soon.

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