Sunday, February 12, 2012

How do you know a language school is good?

When your kids do not want to leave!!! I was not quite sure whether to laugh or feel sad about the story I am about to tell you. Part of me could not stop laughing and another felt like "what do you mean? you should be running towards me now" I know, I know let me tell you the story.

My daughter goes to language stars to learn Spanish once a week, her class ends at 5:30pm, giving me not enough time to leave the office and get there. I leave the office and usually get stuck in traffic, lights, etc. so I am always one of the last moms to get there (if not the last :( ). My baby normally plays in the hall and talks to his teachers - she obviously has a good time!

Last week, I was unusually early, I was able to get there a couple of minutes before her class ended. I was so proud to be there and waited for her to come through the hall. She was coming towards the hall cheerfully and as soon as she saw me her faced changed and she immediately said:

"Why are you here? You are supposed to be late!!!"

It was truly quite funny! Needless to say, I let her stay in the hall, playing with the toys and talking-to her teachers. We stayed until we were the last ones there. Still then it was a challenge to get her out. so that is it, I guess she likes the school so much she did not want to leave.

Now I know that if I am ever early again, I will go to Trader Joe's next door, and spend some time there until I am late!

In the meantime while I was waiting I got the chance to have a nice conversation with the school director about my son. As you know I struggle with him and to get him to speak the language. The director was great and reassured me that my son was indeed learning, he mentioned that my boy is one of the most vocal kids in his class, always participating and speaking out loud in Spanish. I guess he is just trying to give me a hard time, so I just have to deal with it!!

This is just another fork on our path towards being bilingual!!!

Disclosure: I will receive discounted tuition from Language Stars as compensation for this post. However all facts and opinions expressed in this post are true and my own. Language Stars have not asked me to write about anything in particular, only my true and honest opinion about my experience with their program.  This post have not been edited by a third person.


Ana Laura said...

Oh me encanta tu historia jaja me recordó el primer día de preescolar de mi hermana, mi mamá tuvo q perseguirla por el patio del jardín porque ella no quería regresar a casa jaja
Que lindo que les inculques el español a tus peques =)

Party Artist said...

Si Ana Laura - la chiquita no se queria ir - le hubieras visto la cara sorprendida de verme.

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