Monday, February 20, 2012

When I am 60 years old...

I was talking to a friend this week and amongst other things we chatted about my decision to work reduced hours at the office even though I am the only bread winner in my household and that financially and career wise there was an impact to my decision. I told her how I used my 60 year old technique and that after that there was no doubt on my mind that I have taken the right decision.
I am sharing this with you today as I think that this is quite valuable. We make decisions that impact our lives every day, no matter how young or old we are. What to study at College? and Should I marry him? are not the most important decisions in our lives, the things we decide to do or not to do every day can also affect our future and our family’s future.
So here it is, the 60 year old technique!
Sit down or lie down some place comfortable where you know you will not be disturbed for a while, have a glass of wine if you wish (highly recommended). Close your eyes and imagine that you are waking up tomorrow and you are 60 years old, you are now looking back at your life as it is right now and if it would have continued to be exactly the same for as many years as it takes you to turn 60. Your kids will be grown up by now. Now ask yourself and honestly answer all of these questions:
·         Are you happy?
·         Are your kids, husband, family happy?
·         What are your kids saying about you?
o   In my case I was trying to decide whether to stay more time at home with them vs. continuing to work full time – so my questions were:
o   Are my kids saying?:
My mum is a very successful VP but I never got to see her much
My mum was always with me at every event and every single party but did not do much with her own life
My mum is successful and have a nice job but she was with us as much as she could, she missed some stuff but was always there for the important ones
·         Are you proud of what you see?
·         Are you or your children saying something that you regret, something you wish you could have changed?
This is a very powerful exercise, you may see things you do not like and things you love. Hopefully what you see can help you on your decision making process. However, please remember that there are no right or wrong answers. The same answer could be great for somebody and awful for others. It is all about you and what is right for you and your family. This is just a way to help you make a decision.
I know sometimes we have no choices, but if you are one of the lucky people that do have choices, give it a go, you have nothing to lose, and a glass of wine is always a good thing to have!


Yadira said...

Wow thos truly touched me as I am trying to determine what do I want to be when I groe up. I will definitely di the exercise.

Comiendo en LA said...

Siempre es bueno revaluare metas y analizar lo que hemos venido haciendo para saber si tiene sentido para nuestras vidas.

Cristina said...

Que terapia mas efectiva! Definitivamente yo tambien la comparto, pues muchas veces me pregunto como va el rumbo de nuestra familia y trato de analizarlo.
No quiero ser a quien mi hija recrimine despues por no haberle dedicado el tiempo al que tenia derecho, vivo para ella desde el momento en que supe que vendria al mundo.
Muy buena tu reflexion. 100% de acuerdo.

Saludos desde California!

Mama Latina en Philly said...

Estamos en la misma pagina. Muchas veces yo pienso lo mismo. Como sera mi vida de aqui a unos años cuando mis hijos seas adultos y no quiero que crezcan!! jajaja! Generalmente pienso en cuando yo tenga 70 pero tendre que pensar en los 50 y 60. Luego te cuento que vi :-)

S. Yissele Gallo said...

Muy cierto Carelys, que buena técnica, las preguntas me hicieron analizar, muy bueno, espero estar bien jejee...Muchas Gracias!

Feliz Semana!

ELY said...

Buenísima la terapia Carelys, creo que en algún momento de nuestras vidas es bueno parar y reflexionar, como dices algunas veces no ay opción, así que cuando la tengamos, es mejor parar reflexionar y tomar la mejor decisión.

Oriana from Mommyhood's Diary said...

Es muy buen ejercicio! Definitivamente una forma de ver las cosas desde otro punto de vista. Muchas gracias por compartir

Brenda Mejorando Mi Hogar said...

Love it! Muy cierto, hay que valorar lo verdaderamente importante :) Saludos!

Helena said...

Muy buena prima! Y muy acertada :) Disfruta cada dia y cada momento del dia. Muchos cariños.

Maria Aponte said...

I like this very very much. I think it is good practice just because we don't usually take the time to think about the big questions. I'm definitively share it with my friends. I also like the idea of the glass of wine ;-) Saludos!

Party Artist said...

Thanks! I hope it is useful

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