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Dukan Diet: List of 72 foods allowed during the Attack Phase and on your Protein only days

This is the list of the 72 foods that are OK to eat during the attack phase of the Ducan Diet. I am also adding my own list at the end of each category – again, on my list I am putting foods that worked for me and that even though they are not strictly on the diet, they did allow me to stick to the diet as I did not feel as deprive and have a few more choices for those hard attack days.
Meats, Fish, Poultry, Eggs, Fat Free Dairy, Vegetable Proteins:
1.      Beef Steak
2.      Fillet of Beef
3.      Sirloin Steak
4.      Roast Beef
5.      Rump Steak
6.      Tongue
7.      Bresaola – Dry beef
8.      Veal Escalope
9.      Kidney
10.  Calf’s liver
11.  Veal Chops
12.  Cooked ham slices – no fat – no rind
13.  Cooked Chicken Slices – no fat – no rind
14.  Cooked Turkey Slices – no fat – no rind
15.  Fat reduced bacon
16.  Game – Venison, Pheasant, Grouse
17.  Rabbit
18.  Dab/Lemon Sole
19.  Dover Sole
20.  Fish Roe (Caviar) – Cod, Salmon, Herring, Mullet
21.  Cod
22.  Grey Mullet
23.  Hake
24.  Halibut
25.  Haddock
26.  Monkfish
27.  Mackerel
28.  Plaice
29.  Pollock – Coley
30.  Trout
31.  Salmon
32.  Sardines
33.  Red Mullet
34.  Sea Bass
35.  Skate
36.  Sea Bream
37.  Smoked Salmon
38.  Swordfish
39.  Tuna
40.  Whiting
41.  Turbot
42.  Clams
43.  Cockles
44.  Calamari – Squid
45.  Crayfish
46.  Lobster
47.  Prawns
48.  Gambas
49.  Mussels
50.  Oysters
51.  Scallops
52.  Whelks
53.  Shrimp
54.  Dublin Bay Prawns
55.  Seafood Sticks – Surimi
56.  Chicken Livers
57.  Chicken
58.  Guinea Fowl
59.  Ostrich
60.  Poussin
61.  Pigeon
62.  Quail
63.  Turkey
64.  Hen’s eggs
65.  Quail eggs
66.  Skim milk
67.  Virtually fat free quark
68.  Virtually fat free fromage frais
69.  Virtually fat free cottage cheese
70.  Fat free Greek yogurt
71.  Fat free natural yogurt
72.  Tofu
Remember that you can use spices, garlic, onion(only a little onion), soy sauce and vinegar.
Now for my list – please note that these items may not work for you and may lower the speed of your weight loss, but for me they make my life easier!
1.      Pork – trim all fat
2.      Lamb – trim all fat
3.      Low fat – 2% cheese – Mozzarella sticks, Cheddar, Swiss, Cream cheese
4.      Prosciutto – trim all fat
5.      Salami – only sporadically
6.      98% Fat free sausages – Hebrew National
7.      Other sausages – only sporadically
8.      Light Mayonnaise
9.      Reduced fat sour cream
10.  2% milk
11.  Soy milk – only once a week
12.  Whey protein powder – no carbs formula
Enjoy your diet!! You can make really good meals with these ingredients! Also you can check my other tips on how to succeed on this diet as well as recipes, by going to my Dukan Diet page - click here!


Anonymous said...

are we really allowed prosciuto

Party Artist said...

Prosciutto is not officially on the list, but it is on MY list - If you remove the fat it is perfectly OK - I eat it all the time!

krozbonek said...

nice pics :D

Patricia Joyner said...

Thank you for this quite informative publish. ive been trying to drop some weight for about one week now but im nonetheless confused what to accomplish initial or in which to begin. you simply helped to set my priorities to lose weight. thank you.

Patricia Joyner
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Anonymous said...

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I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog posts.
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Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

hello! I am on day 5 in the attack phase of the diet and do not feel like I am losing anything at all!
Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to lose...I am becoming increasingly frustrated-HELP!!!
Also, how are you doing with this eating lifestyle? I know you started it a couple years ago.
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Do you think a low fat chocolate mousse from telco would be acceptable 82 cals

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