Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gardening Season 2012 has officially started!

It is that time of year again in where I get the seeds out and start planning my vegetable garden for the year.     I love March as it promises warmer weather and the flowers start to show up (well at least the brave ones!). As usual I started my seeds.

This year my husband is building me a seed growing station comprising a table, a growing lamp and heat pads! I can't wait! Well literally I could not wait or my seeds will not be ready on time so while he is busy at designing, I already planted the first seeds of the season.

To do so, I gather some old containers and trays, some organic seed soil, a lamp from my bedroom and my cold season seeds and started to plant.

First fill your containers 1/2 full with seed starting mix. Put a spoonful or so of vermicompost (click here to see what this is? and how to make your own). Continue filling until 3/4 full with starting mix. Put containers on tray and water the mix.

Then put your seeds in according with the specified depth, cover with a thin layer of solid and water.

I planted onions (seeds above), Kale, Lettuce, Broccoli and a couple of hot season plants (only because I want them big by the time they go out) Brandywine Tomatoes Heirloom and Aji dulce - a Venezuelan pepper that I cannot find here in the US!! I cannot wait for this one  - I will introduce my kids to the most amazing pepper flavor ever!!!

Mark your seeds so you know what you have planted and cover them with a plastic dome. Put your light on and voila. I have my table on a sunny place so I am only turning the lamp on from 7am to 9am and from 6pm to 9pm to simulate a longer day.

Do not forget to check my old posts about seeds and planting - they are all in this page (click here)

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