Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who knew I could be a salad person? Tortas Frontera Salad at the airport!

Who knew I could be a salad person?
Thanks to Tortas Frontera  at O’Hare Airport, I may have to revisit my preconceived notions of salads! Do not get me wrong, I do like salads but they are never my first choice, particularly when eating out or on the go. However, as you know, I am on this losing weight journey and I am not allowed carbohydrates (read: absolutely everything that is available at fast food places and airports!), so protein and salads are my only choice. So normally when I travel (I do that quite often), I tried to avoid the food court at the airport all together and just head for a coffee at Starbucks. That way I keep temptation away and my weight on check.
Today though was different, I had a lunch time flight and the morning was hectic so I had no time for breakfast nor lunch. I was starving. Walking towards my gate I had to go pass the dreaded food court but I was hit first by a new place that I have been dying to try: The Tortas Frontera, a Rick Bailess restaurant. I was ready to cheat and have a torta (also ready to hit the ground running in NY with massive exercise to make up for the indulgence), but I read the menu and their salads were there, the description was appetizing, but my brain kept telling me it was a salad, oh no! I was truly considering a salad!
I do not know how, but I managed to get my willpower to order for me and I went for the Salad bowl with smoked pork on it (I need my meat!!). Oh dear I am so happy I tried this!!! I would have to say it was one of the most delicious salads I have tasted in a fast food place or all places really! Otherwise believe me I would not be writing this post.

Half way there! Frontera Salad in the air!
The salad was perfect! Indulgent, delicious, so good that I truly do not miss not having the tortas that looked so amazing. I know you are dying to know what was on this thing right?
Well, it was a big bowl (you can feed 2 people with it) of tender iceberg lettuce, arugula (my favorite), avocados, caramelized onions, roasted green peppers, cilantro (the magic touch) and perfectly smoked shredded pork drenched in a creamy chipotle and avocado sauce. It was topped with Cotija cheese and taco strips (which I removed to stay on my low carbs regimen). This thing was oh so delicious. I love the way arugula and cilantro were incorporated and the creaminess of the avocado, not only on the sauce but also on the big chunks tossed in the salad. And let’s not forget that I loved the fact that the salad was tossed – I hate when they give you salads in tiny bowls and the sauces are separate or just on top and you need to figure out how to toss your salad in your minuscule airplane seat, while sitting next Johnny Q looking weird at you because you are taking too much space!
Anyway, I just thought I will let you know, so next time you are in a big airport or at O'Hare, if you see a Frontera Tortas place, do try the salad – believe me no regrets there!

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TortasFrontera said...

Thanks for taking the time to write about our Taqueria Salad! We're happy to hear you enjoyed it as much as we do. Hope you can visit us again!

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