Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Can Dukan Fast Food: Boston Market!! Perfect for PP days.

There was no debate in my mind when it came to choose my second favorite fast food restaurant for the Dukan Diet: Boston Market! This restaurant has been a family favorite for years. When my mother or auntie come visit we need to go to Boston Market at least once during their visit. Why? There is only one answer for this - Because of the BEST rotisserie chicken in America! I cannot get enough of it!

So particularly during the "only protein" days (PP days) Boston Market is my preferred choice, as you can order a quarter or even a half chicken and be completely satisfied without braking your diet! You cannot do this at many places out there.

So what do I order here:

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On PP days my favorite is a quarter chicken dark meat - if I am really hungry I order the half chicken. If I am with the kids I go for the whole chicken. Your best bet is to remove the skin - you will save a lot of fat and calories - However, this is full disclosure right? I do LOVE the skin of this chicken and I savor every single bite of it!

  • Quarter dark chicken - 390 calories - only 1g of carbs
  • Quarter dark chicken skinless - 280 calories - 1g of carbs
Other options are white meat chicken - it is actually leaner then the dark meat, however in my opinion the breast can be a bit dry. You can ask for turkey breast and beef brisket - no sauces for any of these options.

If you are on a PV day and are allowed vegetables, then you can have sides. Your options are:

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  • Steamed Vegetables - 80 calories - 8 g of carbohydrates
  • 1/2 Cesar Salad - no croutons, no sauce, no chicken - 90 calories - 4g of carbohydrates
You can check the nutritional info of all Boston Market meals by clicking here

So next PP day, head to Boston Market and enjoy eating out!!

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