Friday, August 17, 2012

Yours truly on the local paper! Thank you Judy!

This morning I woke up as normal and took the kids to the bus stop. When I got there my neighbor said:
 - Hi, I can see you are a celebrity now!

I was confused, a celebrity? me? did she get the wrong person? then she told me she just saw me on the papers and it all came back to me!

About 2 weeks ago I was interviewed by Judy Buchenot - a freelance writer for the Naperville Sun. She runs a column there called Naperville Eats in where she interviews local cooks and shares their recipes and culinary tips.

Judy and I met on a Sunday, late in the morning. I had just made Mozzarella cheese with my friend Deb the day before. I had never been interviewed for a paper before. I truly enjoyed talking to Judy, she asked me questions about my background and the cheese making and the blog.  I made a quick Caprese  Salad (my own version of it) for us to eat (I was starving!). We talked for over an hour.

I want to personally thank Judy for such a wonderful opportunity and for writing about me on the paper. The article was published online too - here is the link (Naperville Sun Article)

So now, you must be curious about that Caprese Salad. A few people asked me today about it. I made my own version by adding avocados and a few different herbs than the traditional Basil.


  • Fresh Tomatoes
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Avocados
  • Balsamic Must
  • Olive Oil
  • Chopped Fresh Thyme, Oregano and Basil
  • Sea Salt and Freshly ground pepper
Cut the tomatoes, the mozzarella and avocados in slices. Place them in layers in a dish. Drizzle the balsamic must and olive oil.  Sprinkle the herbs on top and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper to taste.

The avocado gives this salad a fantastic creamy texture that combines very nicely with the fresh mozzarella. Try it, it is refreshing and comforting at the same time.


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About JollyJilly said...

They do say we all have our five mins of fame lol. How nice for you and your salad sounds yummy I must try it. Hi im a new follower and if you have five mins Id love you to come visit me at

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