Monday, October 22, 2012

Easy and Cheap Halloween Games

If you are like me and like to volunteer at your kids' school then you are probably busy right now trying to figure out what to do for their Halloween party. For the last 4 years I have been helping to organize such Halloween parties. I wanted to share with you some of the most fun and easiest games that we have done. Also, these games are very cheap to put together.

Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Leton:

These game is a race between two teams. The objective is to build Mr. or Mrs. S. K. Leton  skeleton as fast as they can. The team who finishes first wins!

What do you need:

  • 2 boards
  • 2 cardboard skeletons with movable bones (check your dollar store!)
  • velcro tape

To build the game, trace the skeleton shape on the board - make them fun (running, dancing). Name each skeleton as Mr. and Mrs. S.K. Leton. 

Separate the bones in the skeletons 

and put a piece or two of velcro tape in the back of the bone and on the board so the kids can stick the bone on the boards (almost like put the tail on the donkey game). 

Do the same with all bones. Keep Mr and Mrs. S. K. Leton bones separated!

To play, divide the kids into two teams. Give each team and set of bones and a board and ask them to build the skeletons.

 Scary Eyes Race

This game is a race in between two teams. It is a relay race carrying "eyes" on "scary plates". It really is a twist on the traditional "Egg in a spoon race".

What do you need:

  • Two ping pong balls
  • 2 white paper plates
  • Markers
To build the game, simply paint some eyes (or spiders) on the ping pong balls and the plates. To paint eyes, I start making 3 small circles inside a big one in the eye color of your choice. Fill in the eye leaving the inside of the 3 small circles white. With a black marker, colored the outside of the circle. With a red marker do veins coming out of the eye. 

To paint a spider, paint one big black circle next to a small one and make 4 lines on each side of the big circle for legs.

To play the game, divide the kids into two teams of equal number of children. Give a plate and one ball to the first kid on each team. The kid needs to run to the other side of the room  and back  while balancing the eye on the plate. Once he gets back, he needs to give the plate and eye to his team mate without dropping it. The next kids does the same thing. The first team to finish wins.

Halloween Toss and Pass:

This game's objective is to pass a small ball from bucket to bucket with our dropping it.

What do you need:
  • 2 Halloween themed plastic or metal buckets
  • Small plastic balls

To play the game, you divide the kids into two teams and ask them to stand in two lines in front of each other. Give each team a bucket. Place a ball inside the bucket. The child with the bucket and ball, tosses the ball to the other kid with a bucket using only the bucket. Once he throws it and the next kid catches it. He gives the bucket to the kid next to him. Now the ball will be toss to this kid. The bucket and ball keeps being tossed  and passed until all kids have a go.

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