Friday, October 19, 2012

Who inspires you to be a caring mother?

I never truly understood nor did I appreciate my mom as much as I do since the day I became a mother myself. Do not get me wrong, I have always had an unmeasurable love for my mother but I only truly got to understand the things she did for me once I was a mom too. Suddenly all the advise, the things she said, the parties she did not let me go to, the boys she did not want me to date.... it all suddenly made sense! Did that happen to you?

I was asked a question recently about what or who is my inspiration to be a better mom, a caring mom? and I did not have to think for more than 2 seconds. My own mother is my inspiration. She is an amazing woman and she is the reason I am who I am. Throughout the years while I was growing up, she kept me safe and healthy. She gave me a great education and most important of all she made my life happy! we had a lot of fun together (still do).

My mum and I grew up as a team - She got divorced while I was still a baby and she did not have any more children. She dedicated her life to me. She had to work several jobs to give me all the things I needed and even when she was at her busiest she always had time for me. She protected me and over protected me at times, and I know get it. I was all she had! If I was her I would have done the same.

I consider myself a caring mother. I am always making sure the kids are fed, and properly dressed for the weather. I make them chicken soup and comfort and spoil them when they are sick. I sing to their boo boo's (sana, sana culito de rana, si no sana hoy sanará mañana!) and I know I do all of this, because my mom did it for me and it felt so good!

So when I heard about Johnson & Johnson programs to help mothers and kids around the world I was touched and I want to help them spread the voice - mother to mother, just like my mom inspired me. They are calling their initiatives the global motherhood! You can learn more about what they are doing here. Maybe we can inspire other mothers to also spread the voice and use our social media outlets to raise awareness about these programs.

For my fellow bloggers that are lucky enough to be at LATISM 2012, you can also visit Johnson & Johnson booth at the Arboretum suite II.

These photos represent a few of the many programs supported by Johnson & Johnson and its partner organizations to serve the health and well-being needs of communities and people around the world.   To read more about these programs and others that help us care for those in need, please visit their website:”
This post was compensated and done in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions are my own.

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daniela tapia said...

Very trueee.. My mother is my inspiration and how i love her... I wished too. I would of listen to all her consejos when i was young.. But today thankfully, i understand her and am thankful shes in my life.

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