Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shopping with my girl is totally awesome!

You may think this is funny, but ever since my daughter was born I have been waiting for the day we could go shopping together. Call it a girl thing -that is OK, but I have been very much looking forward to spending endless hours at the mall with my baby! Well I think this year it finally happened, she is officially now big and mature enough to endure the crazy hours perusing aimlessly through store after store. She is now interested on what we are going to buy, vs. the typical answer I used to get: "can we go home now? this is boring... I am tired.... etc." I do still get those from my boy, so yes it is a girl thing and I love it!

It all started about a month ago, I needed to get her nice black shoes for her piano recital. Normally, I would just go and buy the shoes myself, but recently she has been very particular about her clothes. Not  liking many of the outfits I have been buying, I have had to do many returns :(. So I said to her: I am not planning to go back to the shoe shop because you do not like the shoes I buy for you. This time you are coming with me and choose for yourself" Inside I was so excited, my girl and I were going shoe shopping! We had so much fun we ended up with 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots!!! all needed of course.

So great was the experience, that I promised her to go shopping for her birthday present this year (again triggered by last year's face of "really mum, you got me that?"and the return to the shop journey that followed after) - I mean really, you will think she is a teenager and she is only turning 7 next month!!

So for her birthday, we had some ideas of what she wanted "Toys mum, clothes are not birthday presents - you need to get me those no matter what" Seriously, where do they get such comments from?

We have been eyeing the toy catalogs that come in the mail and some Disney stuff have been getting her attention. I heard about a new free Disney augmented reality app called The Royal Ball, so we downloaded that too so she could try different outfits and see some cool carriages from the Disney Princesses- Click here to find it. She played with it for a while (it is so cute) so she decided she wanted something with Cinderella on it.

We headed to our local Walmart - they really had the best toy prices. She was ready to go and to direct me masterfully to the toy section!

 Once there was the "decisions, decisions time". It was so cute and fun, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her running through the isles: "Mami, look at this! and this! and that!..... The Disney princesses have so much stuff out there it is amazing. You tell me something you like and I can find it for you! From lamps, to even battery operated cars! Unfortunately we did not find the Cinderella stuff we thought of buying, but we did find Sleeping Beauty magic mirror: Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who is the most beautiful of all.... and by the way tell me which toy to get because there are so many options!

So we looked at bikes- she did like this one a lot, but it is very similar to her current bike and she will have to wait until the spring to ride it.

Hula Hoops- hmmm a little too difficult

Hello Kitty stuff - cool, but remember clothes do not count!

We also found a Tinker Bell guitar!ha ha! great find - we did get this one. She likes music a lot so I think we will give it a go.

and finally we saw it... the toy... the one... the needed... the wanted... (the oh dear it is so big and heavy, that maim cannot carry it, let alone put it on the cart!!) She looked, and looked and skillfully told me all the features it has, that it comes with 50 pieces, that it is 3 foot tall (well I could guessed that by the side of the box!), that dolls were not included (hint with a "remember to buy the dolls" smile) . So we were done! mission accomplished, we do have her birthday present: The Disney Princesses Ultimate Dream Castle!!!

I hope she enjoys playing with it as much as I enjoyed shopping it with her!

BTW, I may still buy that Cinderella carriage at  and will wrap it up for Christmas! I also took many more pictures and put them in google+ - curious? click here.

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Jen @ BigBinder said...

I'm sure she will LOVE the castle!!

The British Homemaker said...

there is something really special for a mom and daughter...i only have one (and three boys) but the bond with my teen is very different to the bond with my boys....being girlie is just so much better with a daughter to lead and follow!! :)

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