Sunday, November 25, 2012

The shopping madness is over!

New castle and new dress too!

One of the things about the thanksgiving weekend is shopping! We take advantage of Black Friday and buy all the stuff we need for the next year - really! we get the Christmas list, the birthday present list, clothes, shoes and jackets for the kids, my husband's toys (electronics, cameras and the like) and some stuff for me too. By the end of the weekend, we get our basement so full with bags is kind of crazy.

We normally divide and conquer. I get to go to the first round of shopping on Thursday while my husband gets the kids to bed. Once I am back, he does the second round at 4 am. This is normally when we get the toys and hide them in the basement not to spoil the kids' surprise. On Friday at around 10am  we go clothes shopping - this year we went with the kids as they are now all enough to choose their own stuff.

All through this crazy times, my baby could only think of one thing. The castle we got last week for her birthday - which I am glad to say, it took care of her birthday present for this year. So with that, the shopping for the season is over.

Now we need to get our Christmas tree and wrap all the presents. The first one to be wrapped is the Disney castle that although officially not a Christmas present, it will be on our tree alongside all the birthday presents for my girl.

It is quite funny, since we got it, she has been staring at it for the longest time. She has read and explained to me all the details of the stuff she is sooo looking forward to finding inside on her birthday. She showed me Cinderella's slipper on the staircase and a frog prince hidden there too. She is also looking forward to adding the little mini tea set to her collection of tea cups!

Mom please.... let me open it before my birthday!

I found a frog

And Cinderella's slippers

Tomorrow, I will have one last check at  to see if there is any other Disney princesses stuff  - I guess to take advantage of Cyber Monday. I hope they have nice things on sale! For more pictures check in google+ - curious? click here.

Did you do any shopping this weekend?

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Jen @ BigBinder said...

I'll be she is SO excited!

The British Homemaker said...

aww bless your daughter! my teen was so very similar when she was younger, anything princess and she was all over it.. :)

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