Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to make a kit-kat and M&M's cake?

I have been meaning to post about this M&M and kit-kat cake for a long time. I have been fascinated about the simplicity and sophistication of the cake. You do not need to be a cake decorator to achieve this look and believe me there is nobody that will not enjoy this yummy treat. So next time that you have to do a cake in a hurry, impress your guests with an M&M and kit-kat cake. 

The cake below was for my daughter's gymnastics' coach wedding. She wanted something fun and simple to celebrate with the girls. The girls loved it!!!

To decorate this cake, you will need:

  • 2 round cakes of different sizes - you can bake them or you can buy them, your choice!
  • Enough kit-kats packages to go around both cakes (how many depends on how big your cakes are)
  • M&M's in the color of your choice (for this one, I separated the blues and browns from several bags)
  • 1 cup of Icing (you can buy a tub or you can make it - click for my recipe)
  • Ribbons in the color of your choice

To start, open your kit-kat packages carefully as not to break the chocolates.With a sharp knife or an X-acto cut the kit-kat in half vertically so you end up with two pieces of 2 chocolate bars each. Then you are ready to assemble the cake.

Place the larger of the 2 cakes on a cake plate or holder and cover it with a medium thick layer of frosting - the frosting does not need to be perfect as it will be covered completely with the kit-kats and M&M's. Once the frosting is applied, carefully place the kit-kats to the edge of the cake making sure you leave no holes in between each piece. The kit-kats will stick to the cake because of the frosting. When you are done, take a ribbon and carefully tie it around the cake to hold the kit-kats in place.

Take your second cake and carefully place it on top of the first cake (if you want to do a single layer cake, skip this step). Repeat the step before by placing the kit-kats around this cake too and finish by wrapping it with your ribbon. To tie the bows, first do a double knot as tight as you can to hold the cakes in place and then do a bow like you will do to tie your shoelaces.

Once the chocolates are in place, fill the top of both cakes with M&M's. If you have a cake topper, put it on top of your cake, and that is it!!! you are done!!!

Easy ha?

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Rachel Page said...

I like this simple and chocolatey cake.

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