Sunday, June 22, 2014

Soap Clouds!!! A quick and fun experiment to do with the kids.

I have been wanting to do this experiment for a while, but somehow always managed to forget as life goes by. So imagine my great surprise when I found my new #influenster box  #TLCvox box on my door and saw that it had a bar of Ivory soap on it. I had no more excuses and new I had to do this with the kids. I think Ivory soap is the funnest soap you can buy. Do you know that it also floats? Yes it does, best thing ever in a bath.... no more looking for missing soaps under the water.

But you are reading this because you want to make some fun clouds rigth? this experiment takes only seconds and it will certainly entertain your kids.

All you need is a bar of ivory soap, a piece of wax paper and a microwave.

First you need to decide whether you want a huge cloud or a small one - The reason I ask that is so you can use as much of the bar as you want. I wanted a relatively small one so I cut a small piece of the bar to do this. You can certainly use that whole bar and enjoy 100% f the fun!!!

Put the piece of Ivory soap on top of the wax paper on the microwave (the wax paper will prevent it from sticking to the microwave plate - I did not have wax paper so I used regular white copy paper today).

Close the door and start your microwave for 2 minutes (you won't need this long but it is always good to run the microwave longer than needed so you can manually stop it when the cloud is done)

Once the microwave starts you will immediately see the bar of soap transforming into a cloud right in front of your eyes. Stop the microwave when the soap is fully fluffy - you will see only cloud and no soap.

And that is it! The cloud is ready to be admired, uhhh and wowed by your kids.

The cloud is sturdy but if you press it too hard it will break. After the kids played with it, we put it in the bathroom counter. We will be breaking little pieces of cloud to wash our hands for a few days!

Did you like this experiment? if so let me know in a comment and I will try to get more fun experiments like this one to lighten up your summer!!!!!

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